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Book-length projects and articles

Race, Gender, and Military Heroism in U.S. History: From World War I to 9/11, Simon Wendt, ed. (forthcoming).

Daughters of the American Revolution, Simon Wendt, (forthcoming).

Extraordinary Ordinariness: Everyday Heroism in the United States, Germany, and Britain, 1800-2015, Simon Wendt, ed. (Frankfurt: Campus, 2016).

“The Stuttgart Region’s Landscape Park,” Heide Esswein and Thomas Kiwitt, Urban Research & Practice 5, no. 3 (2012).

The World Is Flat – Excerpts, Styles Sass ed. (Braunschweig: Diesterweg, 2012).

How to Be a Superpower, Tobias Endler (Leverkusen: Barbara Budrich, 2012).

Globalizing Lynching History, Manfred Berg and Simon Wendt, eds. (New York: Palgrave, 2012). 

After 9/11, Tobias Endler (Leverkusen: Barbara Budrich, 2011).


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